A Few Testimonials to an Inner Guide Experience…

In an age where many of us feel rushed from one moment to the next, Kelly and Tom have the ability of slowing the world down so as to provide an “experience” for the participant of Inner Guide Expeditions to be in THE MOMENT. I have seen them do this on trips, in circle, and with their programs. The participant may be new to any one of these formats, or a veteran (a young adult with multiple trip experiences with Inner Guide). The common ground for all those who participate is that there is an experience waiting to happen without anyone knowing just what that experience may be. It is the combination of the group and the needs of each individual that make the defining moment a reality. Kelly and Tom are humble, graceful masters in providing an inner guidance to each and every one of their clients.  J.M., Parent


Inner Guide has changed my life. The experiences I have had and connections
I have created in the short amount of time that I have been involved with
Kelly and Tom, will undoubtedly last me a lifetime. Tom and Kelly have not
only been amazing facilitators of the IGE program, but are two of my closest
friends and mentors. Both invest themselves fully into creating personal
relationships with each of the kids that partake in their program, which
helps to strengthen the group dynamic and each individual’s experience with
Inner Guide. Just the sheer fact that Tom and Kelly have been able to
establish and maintain such an extraordinary program is a reflection of
their leadership abilities, certainty in their craft, and unwavering loyalty
to preserving a safe and fun space for anyone involved. I am so grateful to
have been able to be a part of Tom and Kelly’s adventures. K.J.B, Participant


It would not be a stretch to say each of my girls have been transformed by their travels with Kelly and Tom. These are master guides for both the inner journeying of adolescence and the outer journeys they lead in the wilderness. As I bumble with the transition to parenting young women, I feel so much gratitude these graceful and wise people are in our lives. For us, one trip turned into two trips, three, and ongoing connection, guidance and character growth – together and separately – in a context of respect for the earth and our shared humanity. Thank you is not enough! J.J., Parent


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