A little gummint, a lot of music

Ok, so you think living on a mountain in Oregon is all about banjos and “Don’t Tread On Me” banners. You’re right about the banjos and we do take pride in such adventures in self-sufficiency as milling our own wood. A young man of our acquaintance started a recent day with some big logs and ended it with a handsome arbor over the stage on our Forest Room lawn.

But the fact is that “gummint” as we know it is mostly our friend. For example, we would be hard-pressed to entertain folks from the flatlands if Oregon Department of Transportation did not constantly restrain portions Highway 66 from falling into Tyler Creek (a considerable drop in places). Thank you, ODOT.

Then there is Ashland Sanitary, not exactly a government agency, but sort of a government franchise. That outfit, also known as Recology, picks up our trash, but they have also gone the extra mile to help us with recycling issues. Recently, Steve Eckwall, Recology’s recycling point man, figured out how to put big receptacles for glass in our community’s 10-yard comingled materials dumpster at Green Springs Inn. Kudos to Steve and the Recology chain of command.

We don’t often see public safety agencies in our neighborhood, but we learned recently that a few cops are still on the beat in Southern Oregon. One morning, before opening, we answered the phone. “This is State Police dispatch,” a woman said. “Do you know who is driving your tan Suburban?”

“I think it is parked outside,” I replied. Well, no. To summarize, a couple of scoundrels had come along in the middle of the night, poked through a screen, purloined a fresh chocolate cream pie from the baked goods display in our front window, and departed in one of our housekeeping vehicles.

We drove down to Ashland to retrieve the vehicle and learned the rest of the story from a State Trooper. The villains, one male and one female, had headed for Grants Pass where, with full knowledge of the Josephine County’s current law enforcement void, they proceeded to burglarize three homes.

As dawn broke on Interstate 5, our State Trooper (one of 10 serving Southern Oregon, the local force having declined from 40) spotted a tan Suburban with an unbelted female at the wheel near Exit 19. After a short pursuit, the driver found herself trapped in a cul-de-sac above Ashland Hospital. She bailed and leaped down a 10-foot terrace, leaving behind the vehicle, the loot, and a mangled chocolate cream pie, the sole casualty of the chase. Local media missed this story and an opportunity for a great headline: “A Pie’s Wild Ride.”

As entertaining as our criminals may be, our music is even better.  Join us this month in front of our Forest Room stage and that instant arbor for some high class acts: The Deadly Gentlemen on Thursday, August 8, and the West Coast Country Music Festival on Sunday, August 18. Check for details.

What do you think?

Written by Diarmuid McGuire

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