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A Mattress that Will Improve Your Life

Buying a new mattress is a pretty darn confusing process. They all basically look the same and each brand seems to have five people you know love it and five people you know hate it. Then when you actually go shopping for one you usually get a salesperson that seems more interested in showing you how smart he/she is by vomiting a bunch of information about gel foams and the number of coils in a bed rather than helping you find a mattress that is going to change your life.

To further confuse the process the different mattress companies all use different verbiage to describe the feel of a mattress. Serta may call one of their beds a “Comfy plush,” but a bed with the exact same feel from Beauty Rest may be called a “luxury firm.”

Is your head spinning yet?

Here is some good news: It’s doesn’t have to be confusing.

More important than coil counts, memory foam, latex foam, gel, warranties, prices, or box springs, is one thing…your comfort. It doesn’t matter if you have the bed with the most coils, or the bed with the “best” foam; if your not comfortable and you can’t fall asleep, that bed is worthless. And to be completely honest, most salespeople in the mattress business simply do not get this.

So now comes the predictable part of this article where I tell you how awesome we are at Garrison’s Mattress Gallery:

At Garrison’s Mattress Gallery, we are awesome! No really, we are. When I opened the original store in Medford a couple years ago I found a true “Mattress Guru” who had taken a small operation in Alabama with 5 stores to a huge 25 store chain in less than two years. How did he do this? By shifting the focus of the company from selling mattresses to selling SLEEP. So I paid him very well to fly out to Medford and teach us his magical ways.

I was shocked when the training was over. Shocked because of how easy it is, when you follow a few simple steps, to properly fit a customer to a mattress that is perfect for them. In fact, after the training I immediately had no idea how in the heck you could possibly sell a mattress any other way.

When you walk into Garrison’s Mattress Gallery you are going to see about 30 white rectangles. Some of them are from Beauty-Rest, others from Tempur-Pedic, Serta, and Englander. And within about 10 minutes of working with one of our sleep specialists, those 30 white rectangles will quickly be narrowed down to 2 or 3 beds that actually fit you. It’s that simple.

You spend a third of your life in bed, and how that third goes affects the other two thirds of your life dramatically. So if you’re not feeling great when you wake up, if you toss and turn a lot a night, if your back/shoulders/hips are hurting, and if you’re constantly tired throughout the day, come see us at our brand new store at 1522 Siskiyou Blvd here in Ashland (next to Planned Parenthood). You’ll be surprised at just how easily we can help you find the perfect mattress that will improve you life.

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