The Invincibility Series

Adventures of seekers of Truth…Authentic “Ordinary” is the New Extraordinary!

In a remarkable awakening, Aneeahseah experienced “other-worldly” cognition of a place and space beyond this world filled with a world filled with extraordinary love, Loving Deities, Guides & Angels in a place she came to understand as High-Heaven & far beyond.  It was in this place where she first came to understand that we all exist in these advanced universes and dimensions, simultaneously, either consciously or unconsciously.  Returning with awe-inspiring “spiritual gifts”, Aneeahseah had profound abilities to hear & see beyond this reality, to cognize cosmic conscious truths, to read the “akashic records” and as a channel for remarkable healing and expanded teachings and the ability to translate all of this for human evolution.

I clearly understood that my path was to “process, define & deliver” all the information I was blessedly granted when I ‘passed’ from this life into the next.  Most importantly I also learned we all have the same ability for opening and expanding ourselves and that we all manifest, cognize, realize and express our gifts differently; differently and uniquely, perfectly!

This is (one of) the most important of all teachings.  We are all a unique part of the whole of GOD.  It’s as if God (ourselves at highest space and place) gave us all uniqueness so that we would return to ourselves, as God, having collectively merged all of our “gifts” creating One Perfect Whole God incarnate in billions of individuals.

The trials and tribulations of the human existence is the lesson in love on the school called Earth.   We have the choice between pain and suffering or discovering the lesson and moving on in compassion and peace.  As we change speaking, conditioning, feelings and thoughts, we present and prepare ourselves for the life we plan on living.

I invite you and challenge you to spend the majority of your time focusing upon that which you love, that which is wholesome, powerful, joyous and healing.  Begin the 30 day challenge with and receive 50% tuition reduction on your next event by logging in every day to speak of your complaint-free day.  Enter all the complaint-free sites you can find (Dr. Maya Angelou or Tim Ferris to name a few).  Get involved with the radical-ness of YOU, unleashed. . .fresh. . .authentically YOU!!!

Then if you fall from that platform from time to time. . . practice Forgiveness through a simple mind & heart reframing, entitled  TripleF (stands for Forgiven, Forgivable, Forgiving with accompanying techniques that quell and shift judgment ).  The moment you find yourself in the tangle of judgment of yourself or another, you are already on the path to heal that.
Awareness that I am Aware, is Key on this path…Enjoy!


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