All About Parties

All About Parties

We have new items!
5 foot round tables with umbrellas. Great for summer events.
Gold Isle standards with red velvet rope.
Small white ceramic bowls (Matches our white vogue dishes).
We are now covering all of southern Oregon.
Book yours today!

What to look forward to:

MARDI GRAS 4th of March (Fat Tuesday)
We have bead necklaces of all colors, masks, and balloons!

ST PATRICK’S DAY 17th of March
MINI Top hats, banners, party zone tape, body crystals, shamrock whirls, and more!

1st DAY OF SPRING 20th of March
Time for some new decorations! Choose from many sizes, shapes, and colors of paper lanterns.

EASTER 20th of April
Get balloons, paper ware, and fun decorations for your Easter Sunday!

EARTH DAY 22nd of April
Check out our recycled paper ware! Plates and napkins in various sizes and various colors. We also have planet earth balloons.

We are so creative and love working with you on what you want for your special occasion. We have done some great things such as decorating a brand new car (instead of using a giant bow), and turning the balloons themselves into money filled presents!

Love On Bourbon Street was so much fun to decorate! Thank you to all the people who attended and gave us feedback. We hope all of you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

Here at All About Parties, it is all about you!

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