Announcing Our Beautiful New Studio

As of September I have the pleasure of having a gorgeous new massage studio.

Top 10 things I love about my new studio:

1.  It has tall, vaulted ceilings with beautiful, filtered lighting.
2.  There are wonderful skylights where you can watch the clouds roll by.
3.  A lovely loft hosts my plants, where they are happy and adding oxygen to the treatment room.
4.  I have already seen rainbows from my windows.
5.  It is still close to town, but has the quiet of a neighborhood area.
6.  Parking is always easy.
7.  The colors are cheerful and relaxing.
8.  My new stereo system brings a variety of music softly into the room, while the sound drifts down from the loft.
9.  The climate is easy to control, so it’s nice and toasty for those who like it warm, and fast to cool down for those who don’t.
10.The space is just more ‘me’ than my space in the Armory – peaceful, bright, spacious, calming.

Come and Enjoy This Wonderful New Space

I am accepting new clients again.  Please call to talk and see if we are a good therapeutic match.