Are you a Locavore?

Living in Ashland you’re probably no stranger to the term “local”.  Local is an idea that reverberates throughout the Rogue Valley- buy local, eat local, drink local.   And Southern Oregon wineries fit perfectly into this mantra.

As both an agricultural and a food product, wine plays into two industries that benefit most from local support.  Within this trend of “local”, one must not forget why this idea is important.  From grape to glass, the process of producing a quality wine moves through many hands that benefit from your support.

Buying a local wine is a fun way to promote the local economy.  As a finished consumer product, wine typically adds more value and keeps more of its profit margin inside the state economy than many other agricultural products. In 2011, The Economic Impact of the Wine and Wine Grape Industries on the Oregon Economy reported the net economic contribution to the state of Oregon measured an added value of $1.56 billion.  Funds that contribute not just towards tax revenue but growers, producers, wages and wine-related tourism.

With over 60 wineries in Southern Oregon, it is easy to find ways to support the local wine industry.   Most wineries offer tasting rooms to try their wines, tour the grounds and meet the winemaker and production team.  Asking local retailers and restaurants to carry your favorite Southern Oregon wines is another way to support the local wine industry.

In downtown Ashland, EdenVale Winery’s wine bar and bottle shop, EdenVale Enoteca, maintains a high standard of helping promote this local industry.  Beyond Medford based EdenVale wines, Enoteca offers a wide selection of other wines produced in Southern Oregon.  From Ashland’s own Weisinger’s to Umpqua Valley’s Wild Rose Vineyards, Enoteca provides a space to sell local wines and educate customers on the local wine region.

And every Friday from 6-8p.m., Enoteca hosts a Friday night wine tasting event where visitors can sample the regions best wines.  The Friday Night Featured Flights includes blind tastings, themed tastings or a guest winery where you can meet the winemaker.  To find out this week’s Friday Featured Flight called visit EdenVale Enoteca online at www.edenvaleenoteca.com or call the wine bar at 541-482-3377.

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