Ashland Artisan Emporium – Booth Blog: Featured Vendor – Granite City Collectibles, #51

In the early 1900s Ashland was known as “Granite City.”  It’s that name, and era, that inspired Granite City Collectibles (booth #51 in the Ashland Artisans Emporium). There you’ll find artifacts from and about Ashland’s early days – booklets and books, postcards, pamphlets and brochures and more. The “SOU Collection” includes an early 1900s student publication, course catalog and a postcard advocating re-opening the school.

It wouldn’t be an “Ashland Collection” without some Shakespeare Festival material of course.  Come and see our latest offerings. But it’s not only early Ashland… as you browse GCC you’ll find “stuff” about Jackson County, the State of Oregon and, indeed, the entire West.   And…a few other places.  There’s a group of fresh travel brochures and publications  – many issued by railroads – that are full of beautiful photographs; fascinating… and in some cases, disturbing… content.

If local, regional and Western history and travel aren’t for you – maybe our jazz and popular music collection will be.  There’s selection of cds and two boxes of sale discs.  Or… some vintage sheet music and concert programs, or biographies of great jazz musicians… or…Johnny Cash… or… a colorful donut box promoting Maria Muldaur’s old album,“Waitress in a Donut Shop.” We don’t have a lot of vinyl, but there is a small group of colorful Broadway soundtrack LPs.

Or maybe you need a life-sized “Direct from the Record Store” “stand-up” of 70s folk-rock singer Nicolette Larson to add that special touch to your next party.  Well… maybe not, but if you did, you’d find one here.

Sports fans will love the “baseball box” – full of vintage magazines, programs, scorecards, autographs, books and more.  Football and basketball fans will have fun browsing too.

The “miscellaneous books bookcase” contains just that – various volumes on various topics we find interesting and think you will too.

And… coming soon – a brand new collection of cool vintage (1900s and up…) booklets and brochures about cooking and food.  This is such a great group – can’t wait to get it out in time for… “you know what”… shopping.

That’s just the start.  You never know what you’ll find at Granite City Collectibles because we never know what we’ll find to put there.

Come to the Ashland Artisan Emporium – it’s a bit out of the way but worth it. Look for the life-sized Bonnie Raitt and have some fun at Granite City Collectibles.