Ashland Artisan Emporium: Molly Deluca

This month we bring you Molly Deluca, a relatively new vendor to the Emporium. Her mighty wall space features many treasures to encourage health, well-being and positivity – from essential oils, to handmade loofah soaps, rice bags, handmade postcards to inspirational magnets. She is a beacon of light and takes pride in uplifting the human spirit. Like all of our vendors, she is local and 100% involved in the products she carries. Made in the USA!

She states the following:

“Train Your Brain” to think positively and abundantly using Molly’s Mantra Magnets! Your brain believes everything you tell it. So why not tell it good, healthy, positive things?

Molly’s Mantra Magnets are a fun and easy way to remind yourself to train your brain. Just hang them everywhere!

Say them daily to train your brain to know that you are enough!

A happy shout-out to the Unicorn Gifts and Toys in downtown Ashland. I love my Sassy Mermaid! She found a perfect home displayed on my wall space at the Ashland Artisan Emporium.

Stop by and see the Sassy Mermaid and peruse the collection of Magnets, Loofah Soaps (my own creation!), Essential Oils and other goodies for sale on my wall!

Blessings from Molly