Ashland Artisan Emporium’s Featured Vendor: Neo’s Niche

Located inside the entrance of Ashland Artisan Emporium and directly to the right, you’ll find Neo’s Niche (aka wall space #91). It is a special cabinet display that offers a selection of affordable and unique jewelry ranging from ethnic, Victorian, vintage to modern; including a scattering of unusual small, one of a kind gift and personal collection items. Neo’s Niche also features an area of ever changing eclectic goods for sale, such as antique accent furniture, fine porcelain for decorative and utilitarian use, art glass, ephemera, occasional textiles and much more.

I’m pleased to introduce myself as a vendor at Artisan’s Emporium, and the proprietor of “Neo’s Niche” which is the namesake of my fifteen year-old mischievous, grey cat who I named after the leading character in the movie Matrix. My name is Lisa Bolli, and my goal as a participant at Artisan’s is to contribute a pleasurable and interesting spot that you will enjoy and visit regularly.

Throughout my life I’ve had an appreciation and love for a variety of artistic and out of the ordinary objects. To date I enjoy collecting, researching and locating them. Like many of us I was fortunate to have parents that fueled my interests, including my beloved grandmother who allowed me to occupy my time by sorting through her “treasure chest” of beautiful jewelry, fabrics and old photos.

After retiring from years of diverse occupations I was able to realize my dream of participating in the antique business, when I was invited to be a co-owner in my favorite antique shop in Jacksonville. This experience allowed me to expand my interests and resources, along with providing me the opportunity to meet a variety of knowledgeable and creative individuals. After a few years I made the decision to look into options that would offer a personalized avenue of expression focusing on my heartfelt interests.

My inspiration for being a participant at Artisan’s Emporium surfaced after several acquaintances suggested that it would be an ideal fit for me and my wares. I truly did find my “niche” when I visited, and knew I was about to engage in a special adventure, as I’m sure you will when you explore for yourself. Be sure to stop and visit Neo’s Niche when you are in the neighborhood. New items are brought in regularly, and are selected mindfully, with love for your gift adventures and treasure hunting.