Ashland Electric Bikes, Ten Years and Riding Strong!

One of the best things for me in owning the LocalsGuide has been all of the relationships I have been able to form with my clients. They come to LocalsGuide as a way of reaching and sharing with the community. They share their dreams and visions and we assist them in building relationships and marketing their services. Nearly ten years ago Jerry Solomon launched Ashland Electric Bikes and shortly thereafter started advertising with me in the LocalsGuide. He invited me over to his house to learn more about what he was doing. I remember he brought out a prototype electric bike he was working on in his living room (that’s where it all started!). He showed me the controls and then took me touring through the hills of Ashland. It was a delightful and unforgettable experience. Jerry was certainly ahead of the curve in an industry that was in its infancy here in the U.S. Fast forward a decade and time is catching up with his visions for what is possible here in Ashland. The audience that Jerry envisioned has arrived. Spring is upon us, and it’s time to ride! I caught up with Jerry at the shop recently and here is what we discussed. Jerry, thanks for taking the time to speak with us today and congratulations on all your success here in Ashland! Thanks, Shields. Yes, I am extremely grateful for all the early adopters and loyal customers that have made Ashland Electric Bikes what it is today. … Continue reading Ashland Electric Bikes, Ten Years and Riding Strong!