Ashland Food Co-op to Make Improvements to Deli & Produce Departments

Since July 2013 AFC management has been discussing possible solutions to the traffic jam that is created when the Juice Bar line intersects the Deli register line. Once we decided to remove the Deli cash register and expand the Juice Bar we had the realization that everything is so interconnected that moving the Juice Bar led to removing the salad bar which essentially led to the idea of totally remodeling the entire front of Deli that points outward to customers. A cooperatively inspired vision was born.

Beginning in May, we’ll undergo a two-phase remodel process in order to make our vision a reality. Phase 1 will occur in the middle of May and will not require any store closures. However, it will entail some inconveniences in the Produce department. On May 14, the island case that typically holds packaged lettuces, berries and sprouts will be removed. On May 15, the “wet cases” that hold most of the tender produce will be unavailable. Besides these changes, this phase of the remodel will include moving the Deli Grab n Go a few feet, concrete work, and the building of a cross merchandising space for us to design and create beautiful inspired displays to welcome you into our store.

Phase 2, around the middle of June, will require the entire Deli department to close for around 7-9 days. What will happen during that time is too large a list to fit in this space. Some highlights include: newly surfaced floors, increased refrigeration units, and a new layout for customers and staff alike. When we reopen you’ll be able to order all custom made deli items directly from a deli register so you don’t have to wait in line twice; think smoothies, sandwiches, juices and the like. We will have also added a made to order burrito bar, kombucha on tap and acai bowls to our already diverse menu.

As soon as a hard date is set for the closure, we’ll let you know so you can mark your calendars and either pack your lunch for that week or visit some of our other wonderful local restaurants. The rest of the store will remain open during the deli closure. We do hope the inconvenience is minor and well worth the improvements that the remodel will bring.