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Testimonials from my loving and appreciative students-what better way to convey what the Invincibility Series can do for you? 1) Thank you for helping me experience another day of minding my words, helping me stay positive & being aware of when I am veering off course, then getting back on it. Much love, Jo Ann, […]

Invincible & Extraordinary is the New & Authentic Ordinary!

Testimonials are a beautiful way of showing what our Invincibilites, the invincibility students, think and how they appreciate the “work”. Dear Aneeahseah, Thank you for your remarkable love, your steadfast powerful focus on LIFE and your great leadership.  I love you!  Thank for you for the remarkable Mastermind and the Light it shines! C., New […]

Whose Life are you living anyhow?

With scientific research revealing that up to 95% of the time we can be focused from our unconscious mind, it is imperative that we learn to train our minds so we are not relegated to someone else’s programming.  It is also crucial that we go beyond our mind, into that wellspring of pure Us, pure […]

Quantum I-Am-Isms©

Through today’s exciting science of Epigenetics, we come to understand that we are not relegated to simply live to the extent of the gene pool into which we are born. This new science states that as we adjust our beliefs, our perceptions, our emotions, our words, our thoughts and our attitudes, we thereby positively affect […]

Forgiveness is Freedom!

How would you like to be ‘in charge of your life?”, to consciously be the master of your own universe and really direct the pathway you take to the highest levels of accomplishment and joyous living? In the Invincibility Series we ascertain that life will always bring us our Karmas.  A conglomeration of all that […]