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Favorite Walks in Ashland

Though the exercise was good for me, that’s not the reason I strolled along Tolman Creek Road, above the boulevard, last night. I joined a band of CERT volunteers and together we scanned houses and yards between Tolman Creek and the Orson Todd trail area for danger signs — wildfire danger.

10 Things We Can Do to help Ashland Thrive

PART I of an economic sustainability study by: Karen Jeffery “We’re tiptoeing into sustainability,” Tom Ward joked the other day at a permaculture workshop. But we all knew it was true. We’re definitely taking our time learning new habits to serve ourselves and our community better in these tough times, and we can do better. […]

Turtle’s Beejie Hut

Introduction: I love food. When there’s an open bag of snacks within reach, somehow it all disappears, I had stopped eating it “ thinking that it was junk food and bad for me “ so I decided to do something about making a snack that was more wholesome and yet super tasty. I took kettle […]