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Hazy Days of Summer

Hopefully by the time you read this, the wildfire smoke that choked the Rogue Valley this summer has abated. But depending on the wind direction, temperature and humidity, it could quickly return before the fall rains come. When the skies are hazy and the smell of burning trees assaults your nostrils, it makes sense to […]

The Backyard Pharmacy – Lemon Balm

There’s a plant, quite possibly growing in your yard right now, that you may not fully appreciate. Lemon balm is a medium sized, leafy green plant with the four-sided stem of a mint, and small light yellow flowers. Originally from Europe, Melissa officinalis is now naturalized in the States and is often considered a nuisance due to its […]

Rimadyl to Rusty’s Rescue?

You’ve noticed that your 7-year-old golden retriever is experiencing some stiffness after his weekend romps at the beach or on the trail. You take “Rusty” to your local vet, who performs a physical exam, and tells you that your dog has developed degenerative joint disease (DJD), a type of arthritis, in his hips. She prescribes […]

The Pet Food Dilemma

A lot of confusion and conflicting information exists out there about dog and cat diets. (Actually, the same is true for human diets, with different experts singing the praises of completely different regimens.) So who do you believe, and how do you decide what to feed your pet? That depends not only on whose advice […]

Doggie Detox?

No, this is not about sending Patches off to rehab ­ this is about an essential body function that all creatures carry out on a continuous basis. And it’s one that is accentuated in the spring season: detoxification. Traditional Chinese Medicine theory says that spring is the season dominated by the Liver, the organ responsible […]

Heavenly Hounds and Cosmic Kitties

“We are stardust,” sang Joni Mitchell in her 1970 song, “Woodstock.” As it turns out, she was more right than she could have known at the time. Many of the elements that make up our human bodies, and the bodies of every living thing on Earth, have their origins in the formation of the universe. […]