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Success Story

Before I started attending classes at Ashland Crossfit I thought I was fit enough, but I wanted to get stronger. I went to the gym, and I had done high intensity workouts and yoga. I ran a half marathon. But it took me a long time to walk in their door. I had lots of […]

Youth Strength and Conditioning Class!

School is about to start, and our kids and teens are about to focus in on their competitive school sports. Some had sports camps planned throughout the summer months, while others didn’t have a whole lot of anything planned. If you are looking for an activity to ready your teens for this year, this is […]

Barbell Club

Are you struggling with lifting weights? Is your squat a train wreck? Is cleaning something you only do at home, alone, with a vacuum cleaner? Now’s your chance to change all that! Come workout with the CrossFit Ashland Barbell Club and get stronger than you ever imagined! At every meeting of the Barbell Club we […]

Where to Start? CrossFit Lite Boot Camp or On Ramp!

So you’ve been looking for a fitness program. Maybe you have heard about CrossFit, maybe you have friends or family who love it. You’ve seen the results in people around town who you know CrossFit. Maybe you even liked the idea but decided it was too intense for you to just jump into. At CrossFit […]

CrossFit for Teens

School is about to be out for summer and our kids and teens are about to have a whole lot of extra free time on their hands. Some have sports camps planned throughout the summer months while others don’t have a whole lot of anything planned. If you are looking for an activity to keep […]

Bare Bones Broth Co.

At CrossFit Ashland part of our mission is to improve our community’s health, and a big part of staying healthy is having access to nutritious and healthy foods. With this in mind we are excited to be partnering with Bare Bones Broth Co. as a drop off location, so our community can have easy access […]

Ashland CrossFit Lite Boot Camp

CrossFit Lite Boot Camp The worst of winter is over and it’s time to start prepping for those dreamy summer days. In southern Oregon that means it’s almost time to be having fun outside. Whether its rafting the Rogue, camping at one of the our many lakes, or taking a trip to the beach we […]

Composed for Fitness with CrossFit Ashland

by Ryan Rupert Body composition and how it relates to your health is currently a hot topic in the fitness world. More so than weight or body mass index (BMI), your body composition can give an accurate assessment of your overall health and fitness. We here at CrossFit Ashland want you to have the best […]

Keeping your New Year’s Resolution with CrossFit Ashland

The holidays are now a distant memory and we’re well into the winter doldrums that can make it difficult to keep our New Years fitness resolutions. CrossFit Ashland can keep you on track through this difficult time and help you to achieve all of your fitness goals better than a traditional gym by providing the […]

Happy New Year

Happy New Year from the coaches and staff here at CrossFit Ashland!  2014 has been an amazing year of growth for us here at CrossFit Ashland and we are eagerly looking forward to sharing the coming year with our new and seasoned athletes.  If you are anything like me, the holiday season can wreak havoc […]

The Squat

At CrossFit Ashland we believe that educating our members is one of our primary responsibilities. People that understand why they should do what we ask of them are most likely to succeed because they’ll see the value in doing it. This month we would like to share with our readers some information about one of […]

CrossFit Ashland

CrossFit Ashland is Ashland’s original CrossFit facility. We have been helping the people of Ashland and surrounding areas attain higher levels of fitness since January of 2012. What makes the CrossFit experience different than a workout you might find at the YMCA, 24 hour fitness, or yoga studio? When you walk into our facility for […]