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To our Dear Customers, We have decided to close for a few weeks to (radically) simplify and streamline ourbusiness model.  It is our intention to move forward in a different direction, yet retain the same core values of quality & integrity that Boulton & Son is known for. We have come a long way from our […]

Why I’m Doing This

Sometimes I have to wonder. No, but seriously, it’s a mission. I am doing this because I was skeptical of my available food choices, and I thought, if I want to really understand what I’m eating, I’d better produce  it myself.  And that philosophy progressed, through a few years of vegetarianism, to raising and killing […]

Why I’m Doing This

If you’re going out to eat, or shopping at the supermarket, and they don’t tell you where the meat is from, you have to assume it’s coming from a CAFO. CAFO means Concentrated  Animal Feeding Operation. These are places where animals are kept and raised in confinement. Definition from the USDA website: CAFOs congregate animals, […]