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SOBC Mother’s Day Fair Sat. May 10th

Dear Southern Oregon Families, Thank you for being in our lives! Please join us on Saturday May 10th, let us pamper the mama in your family with love, appreciation, massage, free child-care and yummy food! Yes dads, you and the kids eat free as well. Why? Because we could not be part of this community […]

Are you pregnant?

So…you just found out you’re pregnant….. Now what?   …. How exciting!    Congratulations!   There’s a double line on that pregnancy test! Along with a myriad of emotions, all too soon come some of the first parenting decisions: Who shall you work with to support you in this important journey of pregnancy, labor and birth? ……………Licensed midwife, […]

Community Midwifery Care

If we hope to create A non-violent world Where respect and kindness Replace Fear and hatred, We must begin with How we treat Each other At the beginning of life. For that is where Our deepest patterns Are set. From these roots Grow fear And alienation …or love and trust. -Suzanne Arms Find us on […]

How does the Beginning Impact the Rest of your Life?

Many parents strive to raise their children far from the path they themselves walked down in childhood. They want to make improvements in child rearing, and may question some of the outdated assumptions that once defined child rearing in the past.  Which assumptions are the ones to question? How does the place of birth impact […]

Building Community

Laura and I recently attended a one year reunion of one of our childbirth classes. Seeing all the babies toddling and crawling, exploring and retreating to their mothers was a thrill and a joy — and not just because we had the honor and privilege of attending their births. These children will have the opportunity […]

What is birth to you?

Last month, LocalsGuide asked me about birth.  This month I decided to ask others, and here are the answers I received.  – Thank you to all! • Birth is…..life.  Re-birth.  The beginning.  Empowering.  The ultimate surrender. • Extremely painful and overwhelming.  The end result is lovely, but the process is no picnic. • How we […]

Cedar’s Birth Story

The evening before Cedar’s birthing day, we returned home at dark. There was an expectancy in the house; I had the distinct feeling that a much-anticipated guest was about to arrive. I awoke at 4 a.m. on his due date with cramping that continued for the next few hours but stopped after I got out […]

Birth IS more than the means to a baby…

Do you see pregnancy as a normal, healthy state of being? Do you think having a child is one of the greatest potential events in your life? Do you trust your body? Knowing that it has served you well in your life, and know that it will serve you well again? Are you wanting to […]

Once the Baby is born…

Getting to know your new baby is an all-encompassing task! In this joyful process, there is seldom time for anything else – like caring for yourself. Midwifery care continues throughout the first six post partum weeks. The midwifery model of care emphasizes ongoing care for both mom and baby. This continuity can ease the transition […]


Happy Mother’s Day to all mama’s! I thank you for your incredible courage…It is so important to remember that motherhood can be the essence of people taking care of people.  Let us remember this as we move forward into this year. Sort of like,  after the labor and birth has come and gone. , and […]

Your body is wise…and Midwives honor this wisdom!

The experience of birthing begins and ends in the body. Its wisdom guides the birthing process to completion. Notwithstanding the power of the mind and spirit to influence this work, the body grows and births a baby. In our culture, much traditional knowledge and wisdom of the workings of the body has been lost. Elsewhere, that knowledge has been preserved and the wisdom passed down. Arvigo Techniques Maya Abdominal Therapy is a modality which combines traditional Maya abdominal massage techniques with Western structural manipulation. Maya Therapy can profoundly impact the quality of pregnancy and birt