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Rest Days and Recovery Help to Get You Fit!

People often envision CrossFit through a lens of intensity, picturing athletes lifting weights that bend the barbell and rolling on the ground after a workout. As part of the core definition of CrossFit – constantly varied, functional movements executed at high intensity – this is not an inaccurate picture. It is important to note, however, […]

Fit for Anything, Fit for Life

What does the word “fitness” mean to you? Running a marathon? Completing a hike? Being able to play a pick-up game of basketball? Feeling confident in a bathing suit? Carrying your groceries in one trip from the car to the house? Managing the tasks of daily living without assistance? Your definition of fitness likely differs […]

Common CrossFit® Questions Answered:

What is CrossFit®? Constantly varied, functional movement executed at high intensity in a group environment under the guidance of coaches. CrossFit® is an evidenced-based program focused on achieving observable, measurable, repeatable results and is designed to build broad, general and inclusive fitness. Why does CrossFit®work? Through the use of a wide variety of movements in […]

Community, Collaboration and Competition

We have had a great start to 2018 at CrossFit Inconceivable with the return of members back for OSF, consistent attendance by our veterans, and a steady influx of new athletes seeking support along their journey to health on the path toward fitness. Opening seminars in the Inconceivable Wellness program focused on expanding the offerings […]

CrossFit Inconceivable

Greetings Ashland!  We are excited to introduce CrossFit Inconceivable – a community dedicated to health and fitness for all.  Playfully named for a famous phrase from the movie Princess Bride, we hope to open the conversation about what CrossFit can mean for you, your family and this community – true love for fitness, experiencing and achieving beyond […]