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Managing Chronic Pain

Over the past 25 years Dr. Greenberg has continued to incorporate the most advanced and effective treatments to help his patients maintain a high degree of function and excellent quality of life by managing chronic pain. He is an expert in the exciting new field of Regenerative Injection Therapy (RIT), and is excited to offer […]

Dr. Mark Greenberg M.D. – Advanced Pain Care – Working to Provide The Most Effective Pain Management

At Advanced Pain Care, Dr. Mark Greenberg provides comprehensive care to help reduce pain, restore function, and improve your quality of life. With decades of experience in treating chronic pain, he is able to find the most effective treatment for your pain problem.  In today’s interview I speak with Dr. Greenberg about his practice here […]

Mark Greenberg, MD

Hello Ashland! I am Doctor Mark Greenberg, MD and I have practiced Chronic Pain Management in Ashland for over 25 years. Recently, the problem of chronic pain has become highly publicized, mostly due to the “opioid crisis”—that is, the overuse and subsequent problems related to prescription pain medications. As a Pain Management Physician, I have […]