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Dan Elster – The Spirit of Nature

There are certain people in the world who go to great lengths to see and experience things others cannot. Dan Elster is one of these individuals and he has forged his own way into the world of nature and wildlife photography. Over the past 12 years our community has watched him evolve. We have followed […]

Another Owl Story

Another Owl Story Patty, Coco and I were almost home from a canoe trip on Upper Klamath Lake when I spotted this bird. It didn't look real so I had to ask Patty if she was seeing what I saw. When she confirmed it was indeed a barn owl, it was time to get busy. Approaching raptors of any […]

North Mountain Nature Park – Urban Oasis

Wildlife watching is one of the fastest growing forms of outdoor recreation in the United States.  It’s not uncommon for nature buffs to shell out big money, traveling to exotic destinations like Alaska, Costa Rica, and Africa, in search of everything from butterflies to lions.  While these trips are incredibly exciting and worthwhile, they are […]