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The One Page Business Plan – A Dynamic Planning Tool

Most planning processes waste time and resources! Ask yourself three important questions: Do I have a planning process? Has it met my expectations? Have profits improved? If the answer to each of these questions is not an enthusiastic “yes!” maybe you are using a planning process that does not fit your organization! If we had […]

Harvey A. Meier PhD, CMC® Attention Board Members

Are you currently serving as a board director? Is your board successfully working together to fulfill their governance duties and responsibilities? Do personality and leadership differences sometimes get in the way of accomplishing the true work at hand? Welcome to the complex and intriguing world of board governance and leadership and introducing Dr. Harvey A. […]

I Enjoy Advising Those Who Are Passionate About What They Do

Did you know that the most effective and successful for-profit companies and nonprofits are led by CEOs and boards of directors dedicated to putting aside self-interest for a greater cause? Hello, my name is Harvey Meier. For the last 48 years I have devoted my lifetime professional career to enlightening directors and CEOs in the […]