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An Ashland Immigrant’s Life Or Death Journey To The American Dream

For the past two years, longtime Ashland resident, businessman, and once undocumented immigrant, Laz Ayala has been producing a documentary about his life and the lives of fellow immigrants who come to the U.S. seeking better opportunities. He plans to release the film at independent film festivals across the country, including the Ashland Independent Film […]

Undocumented But In Demand

An immigrant/homebuilder’s assessment of the labor shortage impacting U.S. industries and the need for legal and humane guest worker programs that meet the needs of businesses and workers. Not Enough Labor Our country is experiencing an illegal employment epidemic fueled by a lack of blue-collar, domestic workers and functional guest worker programs.ill These two factors […]

Illegal The Project – Laz Ayala

Today, I am reaching out to long-time Southern Oregon resident, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Laz Ayala to share his perspective on the topic of undocumented immigration. The conversation comes from Laz’s point of view and his own story as a once undocumented immigrant. We discuss the core issues behind the current problem and look at how […]

This Is Our Country

Three years ago, when Donald Trump’s dehumanizing anti-immigrant rhetoric was escalating, I considered going back to where I came from almost 40 years ago. My dignity, humanity, and that of other immigrants of color, was and continues to be under attack; every day it is reaching new levels. Today, his demonizing politics are not only […]