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As I sit down to write this, I am planning a trip to Orlando.  No, I am not going to Disney World or any of the multitudes of theme parks that have sprung up on every other block in the land of sunshine.  I might be going to ride on roller coasters or waterslides in […]

Inner Synergy’s Classroom Offerings Expand

I am so excited to be offering more in depth teachings at Inner Synergy this summer and fall! There are special offerings coming up for every level of practitioner. There will be a first time beginner series, and I am putting together a Yoga Immersion for students that would like to delve more deeply into […]

Clinic not Dispensary!

I have been encountering significant confusion about my business with the advent of the medical marijuana dispensary law that went into effect this year.  A friend recently said to me, “It would be nice if someone would write an article explaining the difference between a clinic and a dispensary as a service to the community.”  […]

Spring is in Full Bloom!

Inner Synergy is celebrating the season with more activity, more artists, more classes and more opportunities to participate in your health and well being.  Stop in and browse our offerings and talk to our friendly staff.  Southern Oregon Alternative Medicine continues to provide professional support to patients in the Medical Marijuana application process.  The doctor […]

Yoga and Younion

The ancient spiritual science of yoga is a growing trend in the western world, yet often poorly understood.  Yoga at its fundamental essence is the practice of being comfortable in human form.  The practice offers a means of stilling the turbulence of thoughts and restlessness of body that prevent us from connecting with essential Truth.  […]

Want More Fun and Laughter in Your Life?

Inner Synergy announces a special offering by local artist and poet Sallie Ehrman on February 1st.  Sallie’s “Cut-Up Poetry” workshop promises to be a ‘Wild Word Safari.’  Bring your imagination and sense of adventure.  Sallie provides everything else for this fun exploration of word art. Sallie Ehrman has facilitated workshops for 30 years.  She has […]

New Classes for the New Year

Make your New Year’s resolution to try a class at Inner Synergy!  Our intimate classroom allows for individualized instruction and a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.  For a limited time, we are offering everyone a Free Class!  Come claim yours at one of the following times: Mondays 9:00 am – 10:00 am Qigong and 10:15am – 11:30am […]

Giving Thanks for the Community

In the spirit of gratitude, Inner Synergy would like to give back to the community to enrich your holiday season with health and wellness.  We are offering the following incentives to focus on the health and the well being of you and your loved ones.  All offers are good through the New Year: Free consultation […]

Intro to Yoga

What is yoga, besides just a series of poses for stretching? Yoga is a form of nonaerobic exercise that involves precise postures, breathing exercises, and meditation. In ancient Sanskrit, the word yoga means union. Yoga is a way of life that combines ethical standards, dietary guidelines, physical movements, and meditation to create a union of […]

The Qi Yoga Adventure

I started practicing Yoga as a very small child with my mother.  My sisters and I all loved sharing poses with our mom and especially crawling under her while she was in a backbend.  We called it “bridge” pose because it was just like playing “London Bridge” punctuated by giggles; no song, but there would […]