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Jessica Vineyard Digital Nomad & Vagabond Queen

Three years ago, Jessica Vineyard sold everything she owned and left the Rogue Valley to travel the world. She stepped into the complete unknown, traveling to more than 20 different countries. Jessica had lived in Ashland and Talent for 22 years, actively participating in the community as a business owner, astronomer, friend, and neighbor. This […]

Smart People (movie review)

You know how some movies have action that goes on and on and on and you can’t catch your breath and you realize your body is completely tensed up and you wish it would just give you a moment’s break? This isn’t one of those movies. Smart People, by director Noam Murro, is a slice […]

Heartsong Chai

I just have to take a moment to rave about Heartsong Chai and their people. At the AIFF fundraiser I won three jugs of Pepperbrew and four boxes of chai in the silent auction. I had to go to Heartsong, in front of Shop ‘n’ Kart, to pick them up. First of all, the young […]

Penelope (PG)

Penelope is a young woman who was born with a family curse that deformed her nose into that of a pig’s snout. The only way to break the curse is for her to be loved by one of her “own kind”, i.e. a blue-blood. Men run from the sight of her and it appears the […]