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My friend Ed asked me recently, “What in the world is this Takenouchi Ryu you talk about all of the time?” I paused for a moment. This is a very good question that curiously defies an easy reply. “Well, it is a Japanese koryu martial art founded in 1532 by Takenouchi Hisamori during the years […]

Reflecting on the Bulldog

Andrea was livid. She had just discovered that Paul, her husband of eleven years, and the father of their three kids, had been seeing someone else for the past six months. She felt betrayed, played for a fool. The more she thought about it the angrier she became. Paul was going to pay for this, […]

Is Mom Incapacitated?

Karen’s Mom is 84 years old. She has lived by herself for the last 13 years, ever since Karen’s Dad died. Extremely independent and on top of all her commitments, she has been the rock, both within her family as well as within the wider community. Lately, though, some things have happened that concern Karen. […]

Choose Your Pathway Wisely

After 10 years of marriage, it happened.  Mary told John last night that she wants a divorce. With that, the ground shifted beneath them, and the aftershocks will reach out to their children, family, friends and larger community. In the midst of the grieving, confusion and anger, Mary and John have some choices to make […]

Know Your Interest, Tame Your Position

There is a Russian folktale concerning the fate of two goats that met each other at the midpoint of a narrow bridge. Each demanded that the other retreat in order to let it pass. Each refused, standing its ground. Well, as things often do in these circumstances, the conflict escalated. Finally a fight broke out […]