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Microdermabrasion – Choosing Organic

My passion for natural and organic skin care is reflected in my unique offering of Organic Microdermabrasion.  Organic Microdermabrasion is the use of fine organic grains to gently abrade the skin’s surface. This abrasion is done in a controlled way so that it is safe while stimulating cell turnover and collagen formation.  This leaves the […]

The New Anti-Aging Treatment- Microcurrent

Over the past three months more and more of my clients are falling in love with Facial Microcurrent treatments. The Microcurrent is delivered through cotton tipped wands. Painless impulses to the facial muscles help to relax and recover its strength and re-educate the muscles so they are relaxed, yet properly toned. This effect on the […]

The Emotional Body and our Skin

Emotions play a huge role in the health and appearance of the skin.  The holiday season can be a stressful time for many of us.  Stress, anxiety, depression, emotional repression, and sleep problems all contribute to the lack of vibrancy in our skin.  As an esthetician I see this manifesting as fine lines, wrinkles, acne, […]

What I love

My initial inspiration for becoming an esthetician was born (unknowingly) in India while studying yoga and Ayurveda.  During this transformative time of my life I received a facial where the vegetable, fruit and herb ingredients were alchemically prepared in their raw form and applied directly to my skin.  This experience left me amazed at how […]