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Mortgage lending has a language all its own.  We throw around terms like “pre-approval, pre-qualification, docs, funding, signing and recording” that all have a particular meaning when it comes to residential mortgages.  After 16 years in the industry, it is easy to take these terms for granted, whereas they can leave a borrower’s head spinning!  […]


The New Year is off and running and I have noticed regular reports in the media regarding the real estate industry.  It is no wonder, because historically real estate has led the U.S. economy out of a recession.  This time around, housing has not played such a large part, but is still an important indicator […]

Getting Ready To Buy a Home?

In the day to day reality of mortgage lending and successfully closing loans, there are several broad categories of activities that should be limited as much as reasonably possible.  While I agree that some of these things have/will/might be unavoidable during the loan process, being aware of the issues can greatly reduce stress and properly […]

Qualifying for a Mortgage

Aside from loan programs and interest rates one thing everybody wants to know is what information is required in order to be qualified for a mortgage.  I start with a basic but comprehensive list, which is almost the same for all loan programs.  After initial review, I then fine tune the items needed.  The basic […]