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Today we’re talking with Matt Terreri, a licensed chiropractor and sports physician at Southern Oregon Sports and Spine. Matt applies twelve years of experience blending chiropractic with the most up to date sports knowledge and techniques. Dr. Terreri how did you get into your field of work? When I was a child my mother used to […]

Dr. Mark Bricca On Healing

Mark Bricca, N.D., L.Ac., recently  joined the staff of the Mederi Centre for Natural Healing in Ashland. A naturopathic physician and acupuncturist, Dr. Bricca focuses on the treatment of cancer and other chronic diseases, including autoimmune disorders, cardiovascular disease, and endocrine imbalance, as well as anxiety and depression.   The Mederi Centre for Natural Healing […]

Mary Brooks, Hairstylist, Sunshine Salon

Mary Brooks, Hairstylist, is an Ashland locals’ favorite. She and our family (I’m her brother) have lived in Ashland since the mid-1970’s. Enjoying the cool shade of Guanajuato Way on a hot August day, we sat next to Lithia Creek, and chatted about her profession. Tom: How did you choose hairstyling for a career? Mary: […]

Rod and Brooks Newton

Whoever said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure (it was Ben Franklin) would be proud of what the folks at the Hidden Springs Wellness Center accomplished over the past few months. If you read the local paper or watched local television you know that they were appealing a cell tower […]

Tom Ward, Permaculture Teacher and Counselor

Tom Ward has been practicing and teaching permaculture in southern Oregon for almost 30 years.  He is a well known character in permaculture circles throughout the northwest.  Tom holds a vast reservoir of scientific and historical knowledge, practical experience, colorful stories and thoughtful philosophy which he shares with students, audiences and friends.  He advises many […]

ROOTS2READING: Helping Young Readers Succeed

Roots 2 Reading is a new early literacy instructional service offered by Alison Date, a former elementary teacher and reading specialist.  She provides instruction and support for young children, grades K-2, who are struggling readers or need reinforcement of strategies to become confident readers and writers. LG: Please tell us about your background and experiences. […]