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NicaNelly: A True Taste of Nicaragua

This month I was fortunate enough to be able to sit down with Jennifer Hanson, owner of  NicaNelly in Talent for an interview. I learned loads about coffee, what it means to be a direct trade business and that I can’t wait to visit Nicaragua for myself. Santa Catalina: How the farm started About six […]

An evening at Kobe

An Evening to Remember at Kobe Restaurant For over a year now, I’ve been waiting, watching and drooling; yearning to go to Kobe for dinner and revel in all things sake, sushi and sumptuous. Being married to Japanese American, having rather adventurous tastebuds, and a yen for the cuisine doesn’t hurt matters either. Billy Harto, […]

A Gross thing Happened at the Doctor

So, I went to the doctor today for my annual female funtime exam, and something really gross (at least to me0 happened. The nurse was finishing doing the preliminaries (blood pressure etc. etc.) Then she sneezed twice, into her hands, and without washing them began to set up the “instruments” for my exam. For the […]

The Mustard Seed

I have long been curious about the adorable bright yellow restaurant, the Mustard Seed in Jacksonville, and my partner and I were finally able to enjoy lunch there this week. From the outside of the restaurant the big windows and sunny patio gives an immediate message of warm friendliness. Inside the décor is country family […]

An open letter to Ashland & Community

  Dear Ashland, A good friend was recently diagnosed with late stage ovarian cancer. She’s always been the type of person to put others in front of herself and in so doing has totally put her own health on the back burner. Recently there have been stress factors beyond her control that have adversely affected […]


Spring is definitely springing out all over town and Passover season is right around the corner. While I’m not Jewish, nor do I proselytize about what I believe, I do observe Passover and The Days of Unleavened Bread. These Holy Days are a reminder to me to remember my own personal delivery from the bondage […]

AIFF 2008 Opening Night Bash

I was able to attend the AIFF Opening Night Bash. This is the first time I have attended the event, even though I have lived in the Valley since I was one. [img]http://www.localsguide.com/file/pic/gallery/2476.jpg[/img] The night was a frenzy of people trying to make their way from table to table, trying to see how much wine, […]

The Mustard Seed Cafe

I headed to Jacksonville hungry for a delicious breakfast. I decided to try a restaurant I’ve never been to before, and I am glad I did. The Mustard Seed Cafe has been in business since 1958, and has been a Jacksonville favorite for just as long. I made my way to the cafe around 10:00am, and […]

Breakfast at Morning Glory

  I’m a sucker for breakfast… yup that’s me. Show me an egg and I all but swoon. Offer me a kitchen that smells like eggs, pancakes and coffee and… and I’m a kid again. My mom is the culprit..she’s scarred me for life. Home-made Saturday morning breakfasts like ‘picture pancakes’. You know the kind;  The ones […]

No Country for Old Men

  Do you like violent movies? I don’t. I absolutely detest the whole idea of the new genre of violence in movies such as Saw, Hostel, and other horror movies so dubbed ‘Torture Porn’. In fact such movies make me question the nature of the audiences that populate the seats of theaters nationwide, and their […]

INTI Tacos y mas

Thanks to Locals Guide I was able to enjoy dinner out with my loving husband this fine evening, and I have to say it was quite the satisfactory experience. We’d never been to Inti before, and our overall impression was favorable. Inti is located in Talent, right next door to Petals and Ink on the main street through […]

Sugar High — March

Hippoty Hoppity it’s Easter time! Kids are anxiously awaiting the Easter Bunny and the various treats and goodies he will bring on Easter morning: Jelly beans, chocolates, marshmallow confections and, of course, chocolate rabbits. Since kids take the spotlight on Easter, adults can forget that there are yummy alternatives to the run of the mill […]

A Century of Women

I come from a small 4 generation family of amazing women. The matriarch of which is 93 and still sharp as a tack. She is ailing now though, she fell and broke her hip during a visit to Austin to visit her grand-daughter and new great grandaughter. (yes, she flew from Ohio by herself..and was […]

Sugar High 1

Wondering where to take your special someone for Valentine’s Day this year? Maybe you and some friends just want to enjoy great food? For most people, the day includes a romantic dinner at a romantic location. Here are three places that have great food, great ambiance and great sweets! Whether you’re sharing a romantic meal […]

Karaoke List

Chadwick’s Pub & Sports Bar        2300 Biddle Rd, Medford                    770-1234                            Fri & Sat after comedy night ~10:00pm – 2:00am         Rumors Karaoke Lounge1206 N Riverside Ave, Medford779-57777 nights a week starting at 9:00pm Tally Ho Lounge1212 S Pacific Hwy, Talent535-6061Fri – Sun 9:00pm […]

Tech N9ne Rap

Listen up homies, while I spin a short rhyme, about Luni, Cool Nutz, and a group called Tech N9ne, You see I saw them in Ashland just the other night, they rocked the whole crowd and got them feelin’ all right DJ Jim was spinning records, Tech N9ne was spittin’ fire, they alluded to the […]

Ask A Master

Ask A Master     by Master Chae Song Mun   “Master Mun, I was wondering, what is the difference between the different martial arts (i.e. Taekwondo, Karate, etc.)?” – tt_frog, Ashland Master Mun (MM): Great question, Frog! Each of the original martial arts came as a result of necessity and geography. Taekwondo, for example, […]

Resident Evil Extinction

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if zombies roamed the earth? I know I have. Did you know that crows can in fact, be undead? If unsettling thoughts like these have ever crept into your brain, or if you just like zombies, then you’ll enjoy the newest installment in the Resident Evil […]

The Way of the Hand and Foot

Did you know that there is a new Taekwondo school here in the valley? Well…there is! America Taekwondo Center (ATC) has just opened their fourth location in Bear Creek Plaza in Medford! (ATC has three locations presently in California). Have you been thinking about learning self-defense? Have you been looking for a new workout? Are you just […]

Sugar-High! Creamy Cool

Three spectacular ways to enjoy these hot August nights (other than a quick run through the sprinkler in your neighbor’s yard). Coconut Ice Cream Handmade by Agave, this is the best coconut ice cream that I remember having. With three generous scoops, there is more than enough dense, smooth goodness to share with another person; […]

Kaleidoscope Pizzeria & Pub

    If you are looking for a tantalizing and unique pizza dining experience, look no further than Kaleidoscope Pizzeria & Pub in Medford. Many already know about this popular establishment; on our inaugural visit, the parking lot was packed; still, we were seated almost immediately. One of the first things we noticed was the […]

Do Right By the Bean

  What makes a great cup of coffee? Not just a good cup, but a GREAT cup? We decided to ask Jared Ronnie, owner of Noble Coffee Roasting in Talent. We sat down to talk to Ronnie and his business partner, Ashland’s own Steve Sax, to find out exactly what goes into a perfect cup. […]

Before Mousketeers, There Was Larry King

One of the highlight of Larry King’s life was playing in a band as a member of the Mickey Mouse Club way back in 1935, before the popular Mouseketeer Club on TV. Recently celebrating 87 glorious years and calling the Rogue Valley home for more than 27 years, Lawrence D. King (or as he prefers, […]