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Ask A Master

Ask A Master     by Master Chae Song Mun   “Master Mun, I was wondering, what is the difference between the different martial arts (i.e. Taekwondo, Karate, etc.)?” – tt_frog, Ashland Master Mun (MM): Great question, Frog! Each of the original martial arts came as a result of necessity and geography. Taekwondo, for example, […]

Resident Evil Extinction

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if zombies roamed the earth? I know I have. Did you know that crows can in fact, be undead? If unsettling thoughts like these have ever crept into your brain, or if you just like zombies, then you’ll enjoy the newest installment in the Resident Evil […]

The Way of the Hand and Foot

Did you know that there is a new Taekwondo school here in the valley? Well…there is! America Taekwondo Center (ATC) has just opened their fourth location in Bear Creek Plaza in Medford! (ATC has three locations presently in California). Have you been thinking about learning self-defense? Have you been looking for a new workout? Are you just […]

Sugar-High! Creamy Cool

Three spectacular ways to enjoy these hot August nights (other than a quick run through the sprinkler in your neighbor’s yard). Coconut Ice Cream Handmade by Agave, this is the best coconut ice cream that I remember having. With three generous scoops, there is more than enough dense, smooth goodness to share with another person; […]

Kaleidoscope Pizzeria & Pub

    If you are looking for a tantalizing and unique pizza dining experience, look no further than Kaleidoscope Pizzeria & Pub in Medford. Many already know about this popular establishment; on our inaugural visit, the parking lot was packed; still, we were seated almost immediately. One of the first things we noticed was the […]

Do Right By the Bean

  What makes a great cup of coffee? Not just a good cup, but a GREAT cup? We decided to ask Jared Ronnie, owner of Noble Coffee Roasting in Talent. We sat down to talk to Ronnie and his business partner, Ashland’s own Steve Sax, to find out exactly what goes into a perfect cup. […]

Before Mousketeers, There Was Larry King

One of the highlight of Larry King’s life was playing in a band as a member of the Mickey Mouse Club way back in 1935, before the popular Mouseketeer Club on TV. Recently celebrating 87 glorious years and calling the Rogue Valley home for more than 27 years, Lawrence D. King (or as he prefers, […]

Test Your Lexicon

WORDS DEFINITIONS A) Dishabille 1) A sculptured female figure used as a column B) Jerboa 2) The state of being partly clothed; partial undress C) Vicissitude 3) Deceptive reasoning, subtle and misleading argument D) Caryatid 4) Any of various mouse-like creatures found in North Africa or Asia, with hind legs used for jumping E) Voluble 5) […]