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Do Right By the Bean

  What makes a great cup of coffee? Not just a good cup, but a GREAT cup? We decided to ask Jared Ronnie, owner of Noble Coffee Roasting in Talent. We sat down to talk to Ronnie and his business partner, Ashland’s own Steve Sax, to find out exactly what goes into a perfect cup. […]

Before Mousketeers, There Was Larry King

One of the highlight of Larry King’s life was playing in a band as a member of the Mickey Mouse Club way back in 1935, before the popular Mouseketeer Club on TV. Recently celebrating 87 glorious years and calling the Rogue Valley home for more than 27 years, Lawrence D. King (or as he prefers, […]

Test Your Lexicon

WORDS DEFINITIONS A) Dishabille 1) A sculptured female figure used as a column B) Jerboa 2) The state of being partly clothed; partial undress C) Vicissitude 3) Deceptive reasoning, subtle and misleading argument D) Caryatid 4) Any of various mouse-like creatures found in North Africa or Asia, with hind legs used for jumping E) Voluble 5) […]