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Pear Harvest

Each August for the past 6 years that I have lived in the Rogue Valley, my mind has turned to the pear harvest. What is pear harvest you may ask? It is one of the highlights of my year. An opportunity that I have to spend at least 12 hours helping people I will never […]

The Poverty of Riches

Early in my dental career, I sought out mentors – people whom I admired and had achieved what I hoped to achieve. One of my mentors shared a story with me, a parable if you will. It began with a fisherman who lived with his wife and children by the sea. One day, a traveler […]


Last month I presented the basic disease processes involved in dental cavities and periodontal disease.  This month I will discuss some strategies for prevention and some options for repair. Remember that teeth are crystals and crystals dissolve in acid.  So a major strategy in preventing cavities is to effectively control the acid levels in our […]

An Ounce of Prevention and A Pound of Cure

I am going to explain the basics of dental cavities and periodontal disease – two maladies that are almost universal among us.  My hope is that by understanding the disease processes involved in each of these problems, we will be better able to avoid them – as G.I. Joe always said, “Knowing is half the […]

Dental Insurance

Back in 1971, General Motors introduced the concept of dental “insurance” to attract employees.  At that time the annual benefit was approximately $1,000 and there was no limitation on what services were covered.  Since that time, the cost of living has risen dramatically, including the cost of dental supplies and dental labs.  However, the annual […]

Designing Your Smile

One of the most frequent questions asked in the dental office is, “How can I make my smile look better?”  There are many reasons people want an inviting smile – to feel more confident, to not feel embarrassed, to improve their image when interviewing for a job, and to simply feel more comfortable laughing and […]

Dentistry 101

2014 is the year for dental education.  Dental care is an often overlooked area where people can actually save a significant amount of money by incorporating effective preventive strategies into their routine.  And, as I mentioned last month, money can be saved in the long run by doing things right in the short run.  So […]

The Economics of Dentistry

A new patient once told me he was looking for a dentist who controlled his overhead well enough that the dentist would offer his services at fees that this patient felt were acceptable.  It caused me to reflect on a wall plaque that I had seen in an auto repair shop.  I do not remember […]


Almost 20 years ago, while studying at Brigham Young University, I listened to Margaret Thatcher, former prime minister of the United Kingdom, speak to the student body.  The message I heard that day was that the strength of any country is dependent upon the strength of its individual families.  Among her remarks was the following […]

Ashland Schools Foundation

It has been said that teaching is the noblest of all professions.  Certainly we can all think of teachers in our past that inspired us, who helped us become who we are, and who made the world a better place. One of the great challenges to education in our time is funding.  There are so […]

Trust Takes a Lifetime to Build

I have heard it said that trust takes a lifetime to build, and a second to lose. Last week I was working with a patient. She had an existing crown with a cavity that had penetrated into the tooth underneath it, making it necessary to remove the crown, clean out the cavity, and make a […]

Today’s Denistry – Oregon Mission of Mercy

Each of us wears many different hats – coach, teacher, doctor, fireman, student, spouse, parent, boss, etc.  On any given day we may act in several of these roles.  For some of us, we may be engaged in a plate-spinning act as we switch from responsibility to responsibility, doing our best to maintain a semblance […]


I’ve missed more than 9,000 shots in my career.  I’ve lost almost 300 games.  26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed.  I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life.  And that is why I succeed. – Michael Jordan Michael Jordan is one of the greatest basketball […]

Not a Salesman

Many patients ask me, “Do I need a _______ (filling, crown, root canal, etc.)?” I could jump on the opportunity to make a sale and tell them, “Yes, absolutely!” But I have found that I prefer to educate people and let them make a decision that makes sense for them.

I start by helping my patients understand that teeth are not necessary. There are millions of people with no teeth at all. And they live good lives. Once people understand that teeth are optional, we can talk about priorities, preferences – what they want and desire for their dental health. I ask lots of questions so I can learn about what people value and what their goals are.