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Bare Bones Broth Co.

At CrossFit Ashland part of our mission is to improve our community’s health, and a big part of staying healthy is having access to nutritious and healthy foods. With this in mind we are excited to be partnering with Bare Bones Broth Co. as a drop off location, so our community can have easy access to this nutrient dense super food.

Here’s a hello from our new friends:

Bare Bones Broth Co. makes real, nutrient-dense bone broths from grass-fed and pastured animals – with no added sodium and no preservatives – and ships them nationwide.

It’s a leader in one of the hottest health food trends of the decade, and until now, Bare Bones was available to customers only via expensive and time-consuming shipments.

Now, by popular demand, the company is teaming up with businesses like CrossFit Ashland to offer a local pickup option to customers in the Southern Oregon region.

Three friends launched Bare Bones Broth Co. two years ago in San Diego with the goal of partnering with local farmers and ranchers to bring organic, protein-loaded broths to the masses via their online store.

Cofounders Ryan and Kate Harvey relocated the company to the Rogue Valley this spring to expand operations due to surging sales, driven in part by the media storm around bone broth and its nutritional benefits.

Kobe Bryant is drinking it for his athletic performance. Gwyneth Paltrow touts it as a nutritional supplement and a detox. Shailene Woodley eats bone broth for breakfast. A celebrity chef launched a to-go window in New York selling sippable hot broths at Starbucks prices. Hikers and endurance runners are slurping it down to recover and refuel.

To be clear: Bone broth isn’t just a fancy name for the stuff you’ve been able to grab off the store shelf for decades. The secret to telling real bone broth apart from the other stuff: If it doesn’t gel, it’s not bone broth. Real bone broth, with all the great amino acids and other nutrients essential to life, turns into gelatin when chilled.

Bone broth can be sipped as a tea by warming and adding your favorite seasonings to it, or it can be used as an ingredient in almost any dish, as a way to make more flavorful meals and pack more nutrients into your diet. Just put broth in where you would normally add water.

Bare Bones offers its classic chicken and beef broths in packs of 2, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14. Prices start at $29.99 for a 2-pack.

Visit for more details about the products, pricing and ways you can use bone broth in every meal.


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