Bella Terra Fine Jewelry: A Season of Thanks Giving

Officially Thanksgiving takes place on the last Thursday of November as proclaimed by President Abraham Lincoln in 1863.  Prior to Lincoln setting one date for the Nation, Thanksgiving celebrations were popular but were not nationwide and the date varied from place to place.   Lincoln’s hope, during a time of war and hardship, was to create a single day when the entire Nation could sit down as one to count our blessings and, in doing so, bind the country together.

This year, Rex and I have much to be thankful for; a comfortable home in this lovely community, a delightful daughter who is finishing her lower division community college work and will soon be transferring to a four-year university (we’re keeping our fingers crossed for SOU), our heath, friends–new and old, the opportunity to spend more time with family, and a new business that keeps us very busy, but is a labor of love. And, since love and celebration are quite often impetus for purchases made in our store, it’s hard not to enjoy spending our days helping people find jewelry and special gifts to commemorate the important moments and occasions in their lives.

Fall is my favorite season; it just feels special.  For me, fall invites thoughts and memories of Halloween, Thanksgiving, family gatherings, friends, good food, cool clear nights, turning leaves, and fall harvest, especially the pumpkins. Perhaps I watched “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” too many times, but since childhood, seeing pumpkins arrive in the market has always made me happy and filled me with a sense of anticipation of the events and holidays ahead. According to glass artist Molly Stone of Cohn-Stone Studios “the pumpkin form evokes an innate feeling of abundance, well-being and fulfillment. They have universal appeal—they are irresistible and they make people smile!  They are a perfect “giving thanks” symbol and gift.

At Bella Terra we have a wonderful collection of museum quality art glass pumpkins, winter squash and forest leaves by Molly and her partner Michael Cohn. Each piece is completely hand crafted and finished.  Their signature gold luster glass stems exquisitely twist and twine over multi-colored glasses in mottled color textures and subtle color fades. The artists exaggerate nature’s forms to create unique works of art that are highly collectable in a range of colors, sizes and prices.  For something special to grace your own table, or as a beautiful gift, I recommend Cohn-Stone art glass. Their incredible creations truly represent the fall and holiday season but are designed to be enjoyed any time of year.

Bella Terra Fine Jewelry is open Tuesday – Saturday 10am to 6pm