Birth IS more than the means to a baby…

Do you see pregnancy as a normal, healthy state of being?
Do you think having a child is one of the greatest potential events in your life?
Do you trust your body? Knowing that it has served you well in your life, and know that it will serve you well again?
Are you wanting to get great information on how to have an even healthier pregnancy?
Do you believe, that as a woman, it is your birthright to carry a pregnancy? labor and birth your baby? and then breastfeed this child as well?
Do you believe that how you birth MATTERS?
Well, if the answers to most of these questions was YES! YES! YES!
Midwifery care may be for you!
AS midwives, we see pregnancy as a normal, healthy state of being…
WE want to support you to listen to yourself, to your body, and to your baby. We like to remind you that your baby is already here with you…it does not arrive at the moment of birth…
WE want to remind you that you already know how to birth your baby…and, that the more you tune in to your body and honor this sacred season of growing your little one in utero, the more you will be prepared to bring your little one forth into your arms…

AS midwives, we can also remind you that labor has the potential to be one of the most transformative opportunities of a woman’s life.
It is the threshold that we walk through to bring this child into our arms, and into our hearts.
It is an opportunity to take the next steps into parenthood…
Midwifery care is based on this foundation…
That women are strong and capable, and that birth is natural and powerful.
Birth really is more than the means to having a baby!

AS midwives we support you to take the very best care of your body, mind and spirit.
WE want to support you to tune into your inner wisdom and knowing.
WE want to educate you, when information is needed, so that you can make the best decisions for your family.
WE want to surround you with safe, wise, compassionate, nurturing care.

WE believe that it is your right to choose where you want to give birth, and how you want to give birth.
This is Your body! This is Your birth! This is YOUR family!

Please call us if you would like to hear more, talk more, and/or envision more, the possibilities that lay before you.
Please call for a free consult to begin to understand further how you can take care of your body, mind and spirit during this incredible, magical time of your life…