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Can RSO Oil Cure Cancer?

Many believe RSO oil can cure cancer and also a host of other diseases. But what exactly is RSO oil? It is short for Rick Simpson oil. Rick Simpson is a Canadian who developed this thick oil to cure his own cancer and then began making it for friends. On his website,, you can watch the documentary of how he helped people cure themselves of cancer. What is it though? RSO oil is basically a very potent cannabis extract. The resin from the plant is extracted using a solvent like grain alcohol. The alcohol is then cooked off leaving a very thick tar like oil that will knock your socks off. When consuming this oil, patients need to start with a rice grain amount and build up slowly over several weeks. Apparently a compound (THC) in the cannabis attacks the cancer cells while leaving healthy cells intact. Even people with skin cancer are putting the oil on the cancerous growth and covering it with a band-aid, refreshing it a few times a day and within weeks the cancer has disappeared. Doesn’t that sound so much better than surgery? Worth a try isn’t it?

If you are already on chemo then RSO oil can only help; it takes away the nausea, the pain, a lot of the fear and it gives you a great appetite. If this oil sounds way too potent, you can dilute it in either grain alcohol or any type of oil. I use olive oil, usually 2oz to a gram of RSO for dilution. Not so potent. RSO usually comes packaged in a syringe for easy administering. You may want to soak the syringe in some hot water for a minute or so because it is very thick, and I’ve seen people waste a lot of product by pushing the plunger too hard. This is not a good thing to do as this is expensive stuff. Cost varies and so does the potency; it all depends on the strain of cannabis used. Also, the effects you feel will vary depending on the strain, so make sure you know what you want before you purchase. Do you want to sleep or be more stimulated? Do you want a high amount of THC or CBD? THC makes you feel “high” while CBD doesn’t. It is good to have some THC in your CBD blend though as THC is what kills the cancer cells. We hope this was helpful to readers. Visit our website here for more info.

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