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Food Recovery Network

At Food Recovery Network, we want to make sure that our community feels empowered and supported during a time when everything seems uncertain. In response to requests from food donors, we’ve created a Food Recovery Guide which outlines four simple steps that businesses can take to donate surplus food to a local hunger-fighting nonprofit organization.

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Rogue Flavor Guide 2020 – Now Available!!

The Rogue Flavor Guide connects consumers with the region’s farms, ranches and food- and beverage-oriented businesses, their locally grown and produced goods and the retailers who support them. It provides education and resources for obtaining local foods on any budget, discerning labels and understanding food-system sustainability, along with the numerous reasons to buy local, eat local.

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Ashland Emergency Food Bank

The Ashland Emergency Food Bank and local faith groups, in alliance with the community at large,  provide emergency food supplies, without charge, to individuals and families in the Ashland/Talent area who would otherwise go hungry. We also endeavor to increase awareness about the problem of hunger in our communities. Learn more HOW TO HELP There…

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