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certified green designer wins southern Oregon and national awards for green building design

David Kent fisse, certified green professional building designer took 1st place in two categories at the Oregon green expo and the prestigious American residential design (A.I.B.D.) awards. held this last weekend in Portland Oregon, at the American institute of building design convention. it’s been a long  time since this convention has been held on the west coast. his own personal residence on Timberlake drive in Ashland, built 7 years ago, won most sustainable home  locally and nationally!.  the model of the model for experiment station, a e-cohousing sub division in southwest Medford, that he and his client, jerry Peterson, built also took a 1st in both competitions. sustainable and un-built under 2500 square feet. experiment station, in Medford will be one of the 1st projects that the engineering dept will allow  to use skinny streets. fisse also accepted the position of southern Oregon representative of the A.I.B.D. his goal is to teach green/healthy building design. he will be recruiting new members, affiliates, and students, in the fall. those interested in attending  these fun,  informative, social gatherings about this should email fisse. fisse, aside from being one of our green leaders is also an advanced dowser. not only with a fine record of locating high producing wells, but for healing homes. fisse and several German PhD’s are convinced that more than 75% of most cancer is caused by noxious earth energies. basically, where one spends much time, like sleeping above where two naturally occurring water veins cross. well over 10,000 case studies.  breast cancer is another animal, fisse believes that about 50% is caused by romex 110 volt wiring. fisse recommends using (metal clad) MC cable for wiring. there are many other products that are outlawed in Europe that are still being installed in US homes. “you only live once, so why not live and work in a green/healthy building”. several other green manufacturing representatives, like bill Voss from wheyhauser will be involved in S.O. green AIBD. please contact

David Fisse, President
Northwest Design, Inc.
Certified Green Professional
Building Designer
541-261-6121 cell 

PS: The home and model will be shown this Friday at 2:00 pm  432 Timberlake drive, Ashland. info call or email


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