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Companion Animal Laser Therapy

Ashland Veterinary Hospital is excited to bring their Companion Class IV Laser therapy to equine patients.  The class IV therapy laser can speed healing, reduce inflammation and relieve pain in acute and chronic problems.  The story of Sombra illustrates the way laser therapy can help a horse heal after a serious injury.

Sombra is an equine athlete on the Ashland High School Equestrian Team who had a serious injury to her left suspensory ligament.  She was moderately lame when walked and lunged.  Her equine vet put her on anti-inflammatories and ordered 6 weeks of stall rest, with a guarded prognosis.   Class IV laser therapy has been very helpful in treating tendon and ligament injuries in horses.  Laser light penetrates into tissues, increasing energy productions in cells, increasing blood flow and microcirculation, decreasing the production of inflammatory mediators, and increasing the rate of healing.  Laser therapy was applied to both the left and right suspensory ligaments three times a week for three weeks.  Sombra was restricted to stall/paddock area during this 3 week period.  The swelling in the suspensory ligament went down quickly during the initial treatment period and signs of lameness resolved.  After three weeks, we reduced the frequency of treatments to twice a week for 2 weeks, and then once a week for 2 weeks.  At her 6 week recheck, Sombra’s equine vet was impressed with her progress and cleared her for a gradual return to work.  We plan on applying laser therapy on an as needed basis as Sombra gets back into competitive form.

We are constantly impressed by the Companion Laser’s ability to help animals with the most difficult problems.  Lexi is a sweet Dachshund who had a disc in her back rupture, putting pressure on her spinal chord, leading to severe weakness in her rear legs.  I’ll let Lexi’s owner tell the rest of the story:

“After two weeks of treatment for a back injury, my beautiful dachshund Lexi took a turn for the worse and went down in the rear.  Unable to afford the thousands of dollars it cost for surgery, I made an appointment with her vet that morning, believing I would have to make a very difficult and heartbreaking decision.  Out of hope and desperation, I called Ashland Veterinary Hospital to see if there was any alternative care they could recommend.  Dr. Tesluk told me about the great success he had with many other cases using the Companion Therapy Laser.  I was willing to try anything and cancelled the fist appointment and took Lexi to see Dr. Tesluk.  Lexi could not stand and was dragging her hindquarters.  After a month of repeated laser treatments, Lexi has steadily improved to the point where she is now walking and I am ecstatic with her continuing recovery.  The laser treatments were painless, and very reasonably priced.  Lexi wags her tail knowing she is going for a treatment, and wags her tail as we leave Dr. Tesluk’s office.  I am very thankful to Dr. Tesluk and his staff for their loving care of my treasured friend” – Pamela Pease

If you have a horse, dog or cat that suffers from acute or chronic pain or inflammation, give Ashland Veterinary Hospital a call to find how the Companion Laser can help.

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