Co+op Basi¢s Gives You More Ways to Save

Have you heard the great news about Ashland Food Co-op’s new Co+op Basi¢s program? It’s a great way to make your weekly shopping trip more affordable!

Co+op Basi¢s offers a wide variety of household staples at great prices. These products create the building blocks for hearty meals and everyday living. Our buyers work hard to negotiate fantastic prices on some of our best-selling pantry essentials so you can spend your money where it counts most for you and your family.

Every time you shop at Ashland Food Co-op instead of somewhere else, you vote with your dollars to support our local community and to help grow our cooperative economy by getting more local, organic and sustainable food into your weekly menu.

With 10,000+ invested owners like YOU, we’re making a difference every day in how business is done in our region. And when you combine your Owner Coupons, Co-op Deals coupons and our regular sales with our shiny new Co+op Basi¢s program, you’ll save so much you’ll ditch the hand basket and grab a cart!

For recipe inspiration, check out the kitchen-tested recipes on our website. Many feed four people for $10 or less. These budget-friendly recipes are one more way to make the best of the new pricing program.

Shop for Co+op Basi¢s products in every department. Look for the purple Co+op Basi¢s logo throughout the store. The new signs really stand out. And pick up the Co+op Basi¢s list at the Information Desk.

Co+op Basi¢s. Save money. Support your Co-op. Feed your family. Grow the local economy. It all comes together at Ashland Food Co-op.

Ashland Food Co-op
 237 N 1st St.
Ashland, OR 97520
(541) 482-2237
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