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Co+op Basics: High integrity, Low Price

Looking to stretch your grocery budget? So are we! We’ve lowered the price on over three hundred items to create a set of high integrity staples for every shopper. Welcome to Co+op Basics.

Co+op Basics includes over 300 pantry and household staples. From beef to milk to cereal, we’ve lowered the margin and price on all those items to make organic, healthy food accessible to every shopper.

But the idea of offering lower prices on healthy organic food is not entirely new to us. For 46 years, the Ashland Food Co-op’s mission has been to create greater organic food access for people of all incomes. In our early days, we developed a variety of affordable pricing programs  such as “Bread Basket” and “Lifeline Pricing.” Now those program has morphed into Co+op Basics.

We are so confident that Co+op Basics will be less expensive or comparable to another store’s organic product equivalents, that we encourage you to do your own price comparison. We did. And our Co+op Basics prices were hard to beat.

Still not convinced Co+op Basics can save you money? Join us for a free class called “Eating Right When the Budget’s Tight” and learn how to shop on a budget and prepare flavorful meals that are wildly affordable. We’ll also teach you handy tricks on how to save at least 26% off your shopping trips at the Co-op.

If you’d like an in-store tour of how to save money with Co+op Basics, contact our Education Coordinator, Stephanie Koerella. She’s more than happy to take you step by step through the store and help you save money in every part of your home.

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Ashland Food Coop

Ashland Food Co-op is a consumer cooperative that operates for the benefit of our owners. It’s simple to own your share of the Co-op. Just make a one-time, refundable equity investment of $100. You may pay in full or make an initial $10 payment! You'll be reminded at the register when another quarterly $10 payment is due until your $100 equity purchase is paid. In return, the Co-op pledges to operate for the long-term health of our community. Unlike most businesses that make decisions primarily to maximize profits, cooperatives make decisions to maximize service to their owners and the community. More on how to become an Owner

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