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School is about to be out for summer and our kids and teens are about to have a whole lot of extra free time on their hands. Some have sports camps planned throughout the summer months while others don’t have a whole lot of anything planned. If you are looking for an activity to keep your teens engaged or bridge their sports camps this is it. CrossFit Ashland is accepting new athletes into our youth strength and conditioning class! (Hint…anyone who walks through the door ready to work to be their own personal best is considered an athlete.)

CrossFit Ashland’s youth strength and conditioning program is designed to prepare younger athletes (13-17 years old) for their sport or as a supplement for PE.

The classes are appropriate for both seasoned athletes as well as for someone just starting out. The classes are safe, fun, and individually scalable. This means that they are designed to help give competitive athletes an edge as well as be an excellent introduction to fitness for new athletes.

The classes focus first on teaching proper body mechanics. We build our athletes through the use of gymnastic and body weight movements. Once those movements are mastered, we transition to teaching safe use of weights. As the athlete progresses so do the workouts and movements. Along with your teen building up their physical body, expect see positive changes in their character, confidence, leadership, and integrity. We are willing to train any athlete that is willing to get in here consistently and train.

$65/ month


Tuesday’s & Thursday’s @ 3:30pm

Program Begins Tuesday July 7th -contact us- to reserve your athlete’s spot!

Athlete must present valid sports physical.



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