Dads Deserve the Best Too!

Growing up on 200 acres was the best thing I could have imagined when I was a child.  The only part of the ranch life I did not like was changing irrigation pipe and fixing fences.  Work, work, work…Ugh!  My Dad would tell me that chores were good for me and that I would appreciate it when I got older.  He said it was the “best” for me even though I did not understand at the time.  He encouraged and pushed me to be the best I could be.

Our Dads desired the best for us.  They wanted us to be successful, raise families, have homes of our own and live full, rich lives.  For many, the desire was for us to have a better life than they had.  I know it was certainly that way with my dad.

Your Dad is retired now and enjoying life.  You want him closer to you and your family.  You want to be able to encourage him and help him to have the best life in his later years – just like he did with you when you were a child.  The grandchildren want to grow up knowing Grandpa and hearing his stories.  Mountain Meadows is the perfect solution!

Located in Ashland, Mountain Meadows is a 55+ Community on 27+ acres of lush landscaping, with beautiful homes and condominiums and is alive with residents just like Dad.  Voted America’s Best Small Active Retirement Community by the National Council on Senior’s Housing (1999), Mountain Meadows offers the opportunity to own property and build equity in your investment.  The residents own and govern here – no big, impersonal corporations.  There is a 3-story clubhouse, fitness center with indoor pool, raised garden beds in the Kitchen Creek Garden, 4-acre park, Hilltop Professional Art Gallery, and much more.  There are interest groups, committees, special events, musical concerts, fitness classes and excellent food in the private dining room.

Isn’t it time that your Dad was living closer to you?  Isn’t it time he had the best?  Isn’t it time to give back to Dad some of what he gave to you all these years?  Isn’t it time your children learned some of the special things about Grandpa?  YES — it is time.  Don’t wait – consider the “best” for your Dad.  Consider Mountain Meadows 55+ Community today.  You grew up with the best your Dad could offer – Dads Deserve the Best Too!

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