Decency matters. So does wine.

It’s the best of times and the worst of times. As usual.

Among prominent contenders for the presidency of our beloved United States is a vicious buffoon—a real life version of Stephen King’s horror clown Pennywise. Apparently Pennywise and his ilk have sunk their fangs into our culture because some people are actually voting for this guy. And he is not the only scary one.

To a significant degree, our slasher politicians were spawned in reaction to a genocidal cult that is striving to transform the Holy Land and the Fertile Crescent into a medieval charnel house. With diabolical cunning, the Daesh psychopaths claim to be acting in the name of a great religion. Most of their victims subscribe to that same religion and the victims are often held responsible for the crimes of their abusers. Stephen King could hardly imagine such a cruel joke.

So the world is in a spasm of fanaticism and violence. And, yes, our climate is spinning out of control as we heat the planet with greenhouse gas pollution. Meanwhile carbon pushers are telling us that everything is OK and, even if we think we have a problem, their profits are sacred. That’s a different brand of violence but the effects are similar. Burning forests in Oregon are just as hot as burning cities in Syria.

I don’t recall anything worse than this in my lifetime, except perhaps the Vietnam War (does anyone remember that horror show?) or the endless bloodbath in Iraq initiated by the regime of a previous clown puppet.

And yet it’s a time of extraordinary grace.

In the N.Y. Times, Timothy Egan reports that Parisians are defying fanaticism by ramping up displays of exotic lingerie in shop windows. They are also openly consuming wine in sidewalk cafes. Hit them where it hurts, mes amis!

In Salem, Oregon, a handful of selfless legislators, led by Senator Chris Edwards of Eugene, are soldiering on in an effort to pass a meaningful climate change bill, SB 1574 aka the Healthy Climate Act. The most important beneficiaries of this measure would be children who may live to see the global warming curve bend down. Nursery schools and kindergartens don’t produce much in the way of votes or campaign contributions, so HCA is definitely a labor of love.

Right here on the Green Springs, Holly Amann and her daughter, Ivy, are organizing a screening of Salam Neighbor, a film made by two young Americans who went to live in a Syrian refugee camp. Join Holly and Ivy in the Forest Room at Green Springs Inn at 5:00 PM on Sunday, March 6. Like Zach and Chris (the filmmakers), you will discover the humanity behind the headlines.

Sip a glass of wine. Support a politician who does the right thing. Connect with real people, including Syrians. Be decent. This is our counter-terrorism program.

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