Does Hypnosis Really Work? Well Let’s See.

Testimonials for Kelly McLoughlin Hypnotherapy

“Please allow me to introduce Kelly McLoughlin, Hypnotherapist. I had the good fortune while in Santa Fe, NM to see Ms. McLoughlin in her professional capacity as a Hypnotherapist. The issue was very old and hidden amongst a myriad of other memories. Ms. McLoughlin’s technique, methods and protocols were exemplary and successful. Although it may be hard to understand how something from so long ago can affect our adult lives, I can state categorically the work that Kelly did with me both identified the issue and removed the emotional impact the issue has had on my self esteem for most of my life. The results of the work Ms. McLoughlin did has allowed for an increase in the scope of my life. Events I would have avoided before my session I now will participate in without hesitation.”
Greg Prendergast, Springfield, MO

“I had the most wonderful and life changing hypnotherapy session with Kelly. I feel light as a feather, like years of emotional toxins have been removed. I am still amazed at how easily and profoundly this has changed my life. Thank you Kelly, looking forward to our next sessions.”
Kenneth Lyle, Washington State

“Calling all skeptics! I approached Kelly to help me stick with a creative goal and develop the confidence I lacked as an artist. After just the first session I shed so many subconscious ways I was sabotaging myself and made more progress than I had towards completing my goal than I had in months.  Kelly is a thoughtful, serious practitioner who explained exactly what hypnotherapy aims to do, then she set about crafting customized sessions for me targeting specific issues we discussed beforehand. Needless to say, the sessions were really relaxing and I always left feeling lighter, more excited and in control. Can’t recommend Kelly enough–I made more sense out of pesky habits and negative thinking with hypnotherapy than conventional talk therapy ever did! It’s fascinating stuff.”
Erika T, New York, NY

“As a mental health therapist, I had been made aware of the current research and data supporting, with “strong evidence”, the efficacy of clinical hypnotherapy, but wanted to experience it for myself. Kelly was highly therapeutic and thorough in her approach. She listened intently to my goals and drafted a constructive narrative providing the foundation of our work, and my subsequent “homework.” After our sessions, I was left with a feeling of positive change and progress, as if my (sub)unconscious beliefs had been challenged and forever altered for the better. With Kelly’s guidance, I know that I can achieve anything I direct my mind to do!”
Leo Hoersting Ed.D, Ashland, OR

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