EdenVale Winery Welcomes New Wine Growlers in Oregon

In early April, Gov. John Kitzhaber signed a bill that allows licensed wine retailers to sell up to two gallons of wine in reusable containers called growlers.  Wine stored in kegs, similar to beer kegs, will soon be popping in restaurants, grocery stores and wine tasting rooms to support the new wine growler program.

EdenVale Winery, who already kegs their wine for Jacksonville’s Britt Festival and other southern Oregon restaurants, is excited for what growlers sales will do for the wine industry.

Not only are these reusable containers environmentally friendly but they also allow the winery to cut cost by saving money and time on bottling, corking and labeling.  These savings by the winery create more reasonably priced wine for the consumer.

EdenVale invites everyone to come by the EdenVale Winery tasting room at 2310 Voorhies Rd in Medford or to their wine bar and music venue, EdenVale Enoteca, in downtown Ashland at 17 N. Main St. in Ashland to try their hand-crafted wine and fill up a growler.

To jumpstart the growler program, EdenVale is offering a specially crafted Sangria wine in kegs at their tasting rooms for guests to fill their growlers.  Sangria is a refreshing drink made with red wine and fresh fruits, and typically requires drinkers to make their own recipe at home.   EdenVale’s kegged version provides consistency and ease of preparation, since the fruit and wine are already blended together, drinkers only need to splash it over ice and add a slice of orange for garnish.

Winemaker Ashley Campanella notes that Sangria is the perfect option for growlers.  “When people make Sangria for a barbeque or party it requires a handful of wine and extra ingredients like fresh fruit and brandy, and of course all that time for all the flavors to blend together.  Instead of spending all that money and extra energy, you can just have EdenVale fill up a growler or two with our hand-crafted Sangria and, just like that, your party preparation has become a whole lot easier.”

Growlers are available for sale at EdenVale Winery’s Tasting Room and EdenVale’s Enoteca in 750ml and 1 gallon sizes and it costs just $0.50 per ounce every time you want your growler filled.


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