Max Lowen

Experienced Psychotherapist Offering Her Services in Ashland!

Hello, my name is Max and I am new to the community, reaching out to offer my help as a healer. I have been working with people from all walks of life for about 30 years, with a specialty in Trauma/PTSD. My background includes helping survivors of childhood sexual abuse, rape, war veterans and torture survivors as well as working with perpetrators of violence both in the community as well as incarcerated people.

I am skilled in working with difficult issues as well as helping people cope with stress, loss, relationship difficulties, self-esteem issues and negative thinking. Do you find yourself being reactive and losing your cool? Are you stuck in destructive habits? Does life seem fraught with stress and are relationships more work than joy? Are you wondering what the point of your life is? Do you feel depressed and/or anxious? Are you having trouble achieving your life goals? Do you feel empty? Are you unhealthy physically and have no energy? Are negative thoughts endlessly looping through your mind?

All of these issues arise from being out of balance in body, mind and spirit…which are all interconnected. Life and the traumas we experience, big and small, collect in our being and push us out of balance, resulting in disconnection and pain. This disconnection is both from ourselves as well as others. Our current world encourages competition and comparison rather than cooperation and compassion. We are taught to see ourselves as separate, which facilitates us acting violently towards ourselves and others, in word or deed. Life becomes a chore and we need help to heal our shadow and return to the joy, peace, and interconnection that is our birthright. I help guide people through their inner work, and achieve freedom from suffering as well as the confidence and tools to live a balanced and happy life.

I work with different modalities such as talk therapy, EMDR, art and drama, cognitive behavioral techniques and more. Helping people come back from traumatic experiences and heal what keeps them in suffering is my passion. I help people learn how to re-balance themselves which includes learning about meditation, nutrition, life skills, as well as the importance of exercise, time in nature and sleep. My goal is to have those I work with eventually learn how to become their own therapist.

My education includes a Masters and Doctorate degree in Psychology, with Transpersonal, Shamanic and Buddhist influences. I am an expert in shadow work, deprogramming and consciousness. I have done my own work, which enables me to have great compassion for the suffering of others. We can all heal, integrate, and become ever better versions of ourselves. Changing our consciousness is what changes the problems of the individual as well as the collective. We all deserve to love ourselves and be loved. Healing our traumas/shadow takes work and an experienced therapist/guide, but the result is freedom. The inner freedom to create a fulfilling and happy life for ourselves and those around us. When our inner light is freed, we shine outwards and create a better world for all.

I look forward to sharing more with you in the July issue of LocalsGuide.


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