Fall into fall with our October events

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Fall into fall with our October events:

10/9/2013, 7 pm: Author reading:
“Your Ideal Cat: Insights into Breed & Gender Differences in Cat Behavior” by Benjamin and Lynette Hart
Experts in animal behavior, the Harts offer data-based profiles of cats.

10/11/2013, 7 pm: Poetry reading:
“Favorite Poetry about Animals” read by Barry Kraft
Dramaturg Barry Kraft shares his favorite animal poetry.

10/14/20/2013, 7 pm: Author reading:
“Cookies for Grownups” by Kelly Cooper
Cooper shares her favorite cookie recipes and gives novice bakers tips for inventing their own.

10/17/2013, 7 pm: Author reading:
“Tendence and Cavile” by D.T. Kastn
This is a fun novel abut time travel and truth—a metaphysical mystery.

10/21/2013, 7 pm: Author reading:
“Leave of Absence” by Tanya J. Peterson
An empathetic depiction of schizophrenia, this novel is about friendships between patients in a hospital.

10/24/2013, 7 pm: Author reading:
“Into the Wind: my Six-Month Journey wandering for Life’s Purpose” by Jake Ducey
Jake Ducey shares his journey of self-discovery and philosophy of accepting responsibility.

Bloomsbury’s Halloween-Palooza:
Calling all kids and the young-at-heart—dress up as your favorite book character this year and drop by Bloomsbury the week of Halloween to enter our raffle for fun prizes!

Through October:
Go on a Blind Date with a Book!
Selected paperbacks are  25% off. Disguised and marked with clues, the books are a grab-bag for bibliophiles.

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