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Featured Vendor #376: Angel Morgan, PhD

Dream psychologist, author, and interdisciplinary artist Angel Morgan, PhD is founder and director of Dreambridge (, Global PhD professor at Sofia University (, and Oregon’s regional rep. for the International Association for the Study of Dreams ( When Angel’s two children were little, she was a Waldorf class teacher in Los Altos, California. Since 2006, she has enjoyed living in Ashland. Her booth at the Ashland Artisan Emporium, alphablissedout is filled with her two empowering children’s books, original art, cards, magnets, and more.

Her first children’s book, The Alphabliss of Miss offers children twenty-six alphabetical poems and pictures about magical dream allies that are girls with strong, unique, and empowering qualities. Brigitte Benchimol, in a book review wrote, “There is an ever-present need for positive female role models in children’s literature. The Alphabliss of Miss demonstrates the diversity of female role models, providing inspiration for girls to celebrate their femininity while encouraging boys to be in touch with their creative and nurturing sides. Characters from Anabelle to Zella inspire girls and boys to express their unique personalities. The beautiful illustrations by the multitalented author and illustrator Angel Morgan… add an extra dimension of vibrancy to this enchanting book. The vivid colors and original style coddle the poems like a familiar blanket… Children will enjoy the ride of reading and imagining how they want to make a difference in this world with their feminine and masculine sides in harmony.” At the booth alphablissedout you will find copies of this book, art prints, cards, and other crafts inspired from the book’s characters.

Co-illustrated with her adult daughter Akasha Morgan, her second children’s book is Dreamer’s Powerful Tiger: A New Lucid Dreaming Classic for Children and Parents of the 21st Century. Teaching children about dreams as they grow and develop not only empowers them, it also strengthens and deepens your relationship with them. Dreamer’s Powerful Tiger values and honors the inner life as well as the outer life of children, and shows how lucid dreamwork and dreamplay can benefit a child’s relationship to his or her family and community. In this book, Dreamer and his family explore the powerful feelings that arise for children developmentally with chasing and animal dreams, and suggest a comprehensive Senoi-inspired approach to coping with, resolving, learning, and growing from them. Hardcover and paperback editions, as well as book themed t-shirts, postcards, and stickers are new at alphablissedout.



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Ashland Artisan Emporium

The Ashland Artisan Emporium is owned by Michelle Christian, wife and mother of 3 daughters. Her husband, Travis, is the business manager for Adroit Construction in Ashland, Oregon. The Emporium was the vision of Michael Rydbom, Michelle's father. In April of 2010, Michael asked his daughter if she would be willing to help transform the old DJ's Video space into a crafter's marketplace. Michelle had always admired her dad's entrepreneurial spirit and was eager to make him proud, so even though she already had two kids, a real estate career and one more daughter on the way, she said yes. On November 1, 2010, the store opened it's doors to a welcome reception from the community. They were voted Best New Business of 2010 only months later by the Ashland Sneak Preview. Within weeks of opening, the store was at capacity and had quickly become the "go-to" store for all things unique and affordable.

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