Featured Vendor for March: Jason (Bear) Ross of Booths 555, 777, 1111

Meet Jason (Bear) Ross, the magical curator of booths 555, 777, 1111. He has been a vendor with the Emporium since December of 2017 and has slowly acquired three booths over that time period. You could guess by the numbers he has chosen, that he has a spiritual connection to not only the items he sells, but to the relationships those items represent to the balance of the world and to the purpose of one’s life.

Jason was raised in Ohio and grew up in a house of art and antiques with parents that were world travelers. He graduated from Ohio University where he studied English and Art History. He says, “I traveled Europe extensively after I graduated and went to all the art museums to study.” At age 25 be moved to Nantucket and opened his own antique store and art gallery, which became highly successful. At the age of 33 he was able to retire and further continue his quest for knowledge and enlightenment, with a special interest in indigenous medicine cultures.

Years later, he found himself called to Ashland and “got back into the game through the Emporium”. His booths are freshly stocked with beautiful antiques, rich textiles, tea sets, crystals, and a dazzling array of items that inspire and delight. He says, “I love the feeling of rescuing things of value and historical significance and getting them into the hands of collectors who truly appreciate and understand the quality and craftsmanship of the collections I curate.”

For those who know him, know him for his presence and grateful heart. You will spot stickers in his booths that say “Give Thanks”. When we asked him about that, he says “It has been my mantra this lifetime. It reminds me daily to be thankful for what we have been given. I started carrying around a sign at music festivals and it became a hit.” A few years ago he turned the slogan into a brand and has now become not only a campaign, but a lifestyle. With over 3,000 followers on Instagram, he is spreading his message far and wide. Follow his world travels at @givethanks108 on Instagram and Facebook. Visit him on Etsy at givethanksforwater. And as always, come shop his collections at the Emporium.

“Give thanks all the time.”

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Written by Ashland Artisan Emporium

The Ashland Artisan Emporium is owned by Michelle Christian, wife and mother of 3 daughters. Her husband, Travis, is the business manager for Adroit Construction in Ashland, Oregon.

The Emporium was the vision of Michael Rydbom, Michelle’s father. In April of 2010, Michael asked his daughter if she would be willing to help transform the old DJ’s Video space into a crafter’s marketplace. Michelle had always admired her dad’s entrepreneurial spirit and was eager to make him proud, so even though she already had two kids, a real estate career and one more daughter on the way, she said yes.

On November 1, 2010, the store opened it’s doors to a welcome reception from the community. They were voted Best New Business of 2010 only months later by the Ashland Sneak Preview. Within weeks of opening, the store was at capacity and had quickly become the “go-to” store for all things unique and affordable.


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